New Years Resolution

Here we are again. It is New Years Eve. You may have already been planning on a resolution for the new year. Perhaps it is a goal of some sort. Maybe it is to make more money, or to lose weight, or exercise more. If you are like the majority of people, your goal will fail by springtime. There are many reasons for failure in our resolution and goals. The one I am focused on in this post, the big one, is a lack of self control and the loss of will power. There is a way to overcome this. Notice in the excerpt below, the words “one’s limits are unknown” and “one can be everlasting”

Accumulating virtues means there is nothing one cannot overcome

When there is nothing that one cannot overcome One’s limits are unknown

The limitations being unknown, one can possess sovereignty

With this mother principle of power, one can be everlasting

This is called deep roots and firm foundation

The Tao of longevity and lasting visionOne of my Tao mentors told me that I should work on my “self” first and the goal will be realized automatically in an almost anti-climatic way. What he was talking about was what the Tao Te Ching calls “The Sovereignty of Self”. This terms means to control your ego and its constant undermining through desire and distraction. If you are following this blog, then you perhaps you have an interest in the wisdom of the Tao and the Tao Te Ching. The Tao Te Ching may seem enigmatic or may seem to be paradoxical, yet the implementation is pretty pragmatic and straightforward in its application. Its wisdom can only be applied, and the results can only be experienced when you wake up become the sovereign over your life and destiny. Being a dependent of materialism as a life purpose creates a downward spiral of self destruction. Take a look at how every new year we make resolutions to fix some imbalance in our life. Somewhere during the Christmas holidays many of us have a moment of truth and admit that we need to address some issue and we promise ourselves to start afresh and do this new thing. Yet, we all know that most people fail at the promise and new resolution. By March you are back in your old ways. You are back spending too much, eating too much, neglecting some issue too much and soon resume the same old behavior hoping that somehow things will end up alright. This is a definition of ignorance. This is ego. Right here, right now, is your moment of truth. Take control of your life and your destiny. Wake up and be. Be the true self. Realize that you are a spiritual being, and that you control your choices and actions. Get serious with your meditation and mindfulness ability. Cultivate your ability to stay awake and become sovereign over ego and its insatiable appetite of desire. Throughout your day be mindful of your choices and reactions. This is what is meant by working on the self. By working on remaining the true self, you are able to manage the ego. This is the cultivating of sovereignty. By remaining sovereign, not giving in to ego, you make the choices that take you closer to your goal. When you are awake and in “self” control you can ask and determine…

“does this choice take me closer to or further from my true destiny, my goal”.

In the beginning, it is easier to understand than it is to do. The difficulty lies in how grounded in ego you are. Accepting and letting go is the action of the true self. Succumbing to ego and seeking distraction and sensation as means of coping is the path of failure. This cultivation takes lots of practice. It MUST become a way of life. The reward is huge. You successfully create the life of fulfillment, happiness, well being and health. My friends, the invitation to return to true living awaits you. If you are living in a prison cell with the door wide open, yet cannot escape, you are a captive of ego. Become the sovereign of your life. Find and practice meditation and mindfulness as if your life depends on it. A life of  blessing and prosperity awaits you on the true path. Seek it and find it. Happy New Year


Chapter Twelve – Emptiness As The Source (an excerpt)

My editor liked this chapter and put a smiley face by the following paragraph. I hope you find it useful.


… You can begin to understand and appreciate emptiness when you realize that it is a necessary component for benefiting from the physical aspect of nature. Whereas you use material objects in your world of form, its functionality can only be created in the space for which it operates. In this way you can realize that importance of the space (emptiness) provided in the wheel hub so that the axle can slide into and turn. Thus the vehicle becomes functional with the turning and connection of the wheel with the axle. When you enjoy your next cup of tea or coffee, consider how the container you drink from can only hold the liquid in the space created by the sides of the container. It is the emptiness in the cup that makes room for the tea or coffee. Functionality is one thing, realizing emptiness as a source is at a deeper level. You may as well start with the cosmos which began with the big bang or so it is theorized. Just before the big bang, there was nothing but emptiness, then “BANG” the universe is unfolding. From emptiness came everything that we know… To attain the Tao, you must become empty from the control of the ego and its incessant thinking and pursuit of sensation seeking and distraction. In this way, the emptiness gives function as spirit. In spirit one aligns with source.

From Section Two, Chapter Twelve, Emptiness As The Source.

Chapter Eleven – Cause and Effect

The Dixie Taoist Handbook
Chapter 11 Cause and Effect (karma)

If you want to know your past, look at your present conditions. If you want to know your future, look at your actions today. ~Chinese proverb – Unknown

Tao Te Ching: Chapter 74
“there is a master executioner that kills”

The Tao cultivators handbook would not be complete without the understanding and appreciation of cause and effect. The eastern philosophy calls this concept ‘karma’. The Tao cultivator that takes charge of their destiny does so by becoming aware of cause and effect.

In each moment you are creating your life to be experienced in a future moment. In this moment, you choose and act. This action begins the creative process for some future result. As a destiny creator, you must take great care when choosing. This is why the book of ancient wisdom is so important. The ancients studied the processes of life and spirituality and have passed down the wisdom, teachings and virtuous philosophy that are proven to work.

Like all laws of nature, The Law of Cause and Effect does not take a break. It does not play favorites. What ever the circumstances are, whether we caused them or not, our next action or reaction, our next choice will initiate the process. Sometimes the circumstances that we perceive my seem unrelated to us. It may appear as just bad luck. It doesnt matter how they came about, the important thing is how you will react to them. Regardless of how things got to where they are in this now, you must be mindful and choose your next step carefully. We can look deeply, use our wisdom and remain in alignment with the Tao. Choices become actions. Actions initiate cause. Cause results in effect. In some future now we will experience the result.

As a Tao cultivator you must pay attention to this natural law as if your life depends upon it. Becoming lost to the distraction is to lose the ability to positively affect your destiny and others that you are connected to. In distraction, disconnected from the true self, you can unconsciously initiate a future of suffering and a problematic life.

In the verse of Chapter 74 where Lao Tzu says “there is a master executioner that kills”, he is telling us that the law of cause and effect is omnipresent and on the job 24/7. Thus there is no need for you to become the judge and jury for everyone and everything. The Tao does not play favorites and everyone and everything are held accountable. You are to align yourself with virtue and wisdom so that cause and effect create a reality of balance and harmony. So you are always creating your own heaven or hell at any given time. The “great executioner” will punish those who live outside of virtue.

We each have the same opportunity to plant seeds that create the destiny of sweet fruit. In each moment, each choice either takes you closer to or further from a life in heaven (joy and fulfillment) or a life in hell (misery and suffering).

If you are miserable and suffering, you must take this moment of truth and be honest with the part you played in creating this destiny. It is your relationship to life, the Tao and its nature that determine how things are. Change may or may not align with your agenda. Life is not necessarily fair and there are obstacles for all of us. Change in status is guaranteed. It is how you react to these inevitable changes that determines the future. It is how you approach these obstacles and what actions you choose that create the result that can be better or worse. Right here, right now, you are aware, reading these words and standing at the beginning of the true path. Will you grow a destiny that will be a joyful experience? Or will you in the next moment, become distracted, lost in ego, planting those seeds of misery. Will you awaken and realize your true self? Or will you to distraction and find yourself before the master executioner and experience the problems and misery of your own creation. Only the true self, your spiritual self has the power to overcome the master executioner and realize the great benefactor.

Keep It Simple And Effective

I am one of those Taoist that likes to keep things simple and therefore effective. Even the founder of Tai Chi felt the same way. (See Taiji Quan Treatise).  Find ways and simple techniques that work and you will be more inclined to practice frequently. I find this article to be useful.

Please feel free to comment, share or question.

A Dixie Taoist True Path Workshop (Meditation)

dixie taoist workshop with book cover
My fellow Tao cultivators, we are offering some workshops next year to assist in the study of Tao cultivation.

The first is on January 10th, 2015. This workshop is titled “A Meditation Workshop”. It could also be called Beginners meditation for Tao Cultivators. This 6 hour workshop will cover the first Section of the upcoming book including chapters 1 through 5. This is a step by step process for finding your true path as described in the book, The Dixie Taoist Handbook which is in editing and due early next year.

The training will be in meditation, mindfulness, sovereignty of self, and the power of choice. It will include guided meditations, and some short lectures on how to develop the higher consciousness that we know as the true self.

In the video titled “Tai Chi As A Spiritual Path”, I give my personal story of how Tai Chi transformed my life. What I am calling “Tai Chi” is more correctly known as Taiji (Tie-gee) or Tao cultivation. The book and the upcoming workshop is the training on how to do what I have been discussing. It is how I was able to transform my life.

The video which sheds a little more light on my story can be viewed here: Taiji as a spiritual path.

This workshop and the meditation instruction is intended to be simple and straightforward. If you come looking for lots of dogma, you may be disappointed. However, what I will share with you will truly transform your life if you can follow the path.

Next year, we will take the training even deeper, with the energy cultivation of Qigong. For those who really want to cultivate the vital life energy, Qi Gong (aka chi kung) parts a and b are a must.

We will be post the dates for the other two workshops and their locations in January. Here is the information for the first workshop:

Saturday Jan 10, 2015 from 9 am to 2:30 pm
Location: Doctors Hospital H2U Building
1305 Interstate Parkway
Augusta, Ga 20909
Fee: $65 if registered and pay before Jan 1st. January 1st up until the workshop day will be $75
This is per person.
Lunch included.
If no lunch is desired, subtract $10

Please contact us with questions